Ristia Resort

The moment Ristia Resort open the door in June 2012, you can smell the sense of vacation before you open your eyes. The sand will remind you gently that you are still ground on earth, just a bit better than any other places. Friendly faces greet at every nook and corner you wonder if this is home. Try our various menu of traditional massage in our spa. Take your time with significant other to leisurely stroll around our compounds surrounded by ponds while we manage your wedding preparations. For the adventure hawker, let us pack lunch in a picnic bag and charter a car for you to go explore the magic of Island of the Gods. All else fails, kick back and enjoy your favourite refreshment at the Smokey Lounge, the entertainment hub for dining, club and sunset lounge. The limit, truly, is your imagination.

So be ready for the brand new Jimbaran experience like no other.


August 13, 2013